Aston Martin wants to take Verstappen to Le Mans


Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer says there's "a conversation to be had" with Max Verstappen about taking the Red Bull charger to Le Mans in the future.

Aston Martin's Valkyrie hypercar, which ran its first laps at Silverstone last week, will lure the British manufacturer back to Le Mans from 2021 when the World Endurance Championship ushers in a new era based on hypercar concept regulations.

Given the commercial collaboration that currently exists between Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin, Palmer would love to see Verstappen join the team's Le Mans line-up at some point in the future.

"Philosophically or theoretically I'd love to have him involved [at Le Mans]," Palmer told Autosport.

"He's not formally involved but it's not ruled out either. That's a conversation to be had in the future. But wouldn't it be great?"

Aston's Valkyrie is the product of an partnership between the manufacturer and Red Bull Racing, with design guru Adrian Newey heavily involved in the hypercar's concept.

Looking ahead, the two companies plan to remain connected, on a technical or commercial level.

"We've got momentum now, we know where we're heading. And if you get little successes they turn into big successes and into huge successes," added Palmer, referring to Aston Martin's quest to become once again a great British institution.


"Then somehow things just start to happen. Think about the [British Grand Prix] weekend – you've got Red Bull, Max Verstappen, we shouldn't ignore Pierre [Gasly] as he did a great job, you've got Daniel Craig and 007, Aston Martin, all in one space.

"Imagine trying to orchestrate all that a few years ago. That would have been something impossible.

"And the cherry on the cake is running the Valkyrie. These are things you look back on in your career and think 'that was a day, wasn't it!'."

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