Monza stewards give Vettel the benefit of the doubt

ยฉ XPB 

Sebastian Vettel won't be punished by the Italian Grand Prix stewards for running wide at Parabolica and possibly gaining an advantage in qualifying.

The stewards investigated the potential track limit infringement in Q3, inspecting footage from several camera angles, and have ultimately given the Ferrari driver the benefit of the doubt.

"The stewards reviewed multiple camera angles, some of which appeared to show that the tyres were not in contact with the white line of the track edge," the stewards stated.

"However other angles appeared to show that part of the front โ€˜wheelโ€™ (when viewed from above) may have been within the bounds of the white line.

"This cast an element of doubt which is considered significant enough to give the โ€œbenefit of doubtโ€ to the driver in question."

Vettel will start his Italian Grand Prix on Sunday from fourth on the grid.

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