Brundle explains Rosberg end-of-season supremacy

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Former F1 driver and SkySports commentator Martin Brundle believes Nico Rosberg's end of season victory streak resulted from the German driver stepping up mentally rather than Hamilton releasing his grip on his performance.

Many have been confounded by Rosberg's flawless winning run, questioning why it did not emerge earlier in a season during which Hamilton enjoyed a clear edge. Indeed, Mercedes themselves have ordered a thorough examination of the pair's significant turnaround in form.

"I think Rosberg changed post-Austin," Martin Brundle wrote on the SKY F1 website.

"His error there gave away victory and the championship. 'Cap gate' in the podium room was amusing but I believe very significant. When that cap came back Hamilton's way, and along with Lewis's sarcastic comments in the press conference, Rosberg took on a new determination and steeliness.

"He admitted in our Sky Sports F1 interview in Brazil that it annoyed him and gave him energy. He had nothing to lose now, a wonderful mindset to unburden and empower anyone, and his personal confidence and ability were clearly strong enough to recover in the next few days before Mexico."

Brundle also offered his view on Lewis Hamilton's demeanour this year, observing that while his driving has certainly reached new heights, he has also chosen to distance himself from his F1 colleagues at the race track.

"The old saying 'show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser' holds true but I don't think Lewis has handled it all particularly well and has only fed Nico's determination and confidence.

"It's often seemed churlish behaviour and excuses on Hamilton's part, especially his petulant refusal to follow his engineer's instructions.

"Another one for the psychologists, Lewis has chosen to distance himself from the other drivers, especially on the pre-race track parade. This must add subconscious stress into race day and driver briefings.

"The real Lewis Hamilton I've known for very many years is a thoughtful, entertaining and engaging person, and I don't get the loner stance. I also think the kid from Stevenage is faster than the rapper from LA, and that a confident and diligent Rosberg can now beat mid-Atlantic man. He's upped his game."

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