Piero Ferrari: 'Hard for me to identify with modern F1'

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Piero Ferrari, the son of the legendary Enzo Ferrari, hopes the House of Maranello races on forever at the pinnacle of motorsport, although he admits having a hard time understanding today's F1.

It would hard to imagine the world of F1 without the Scuderia's cars on the grid, but the opposite is also true for the prestigious manufacturer which built a great deal of its brand on its success in Grand Prix racing.

Piero Ferrari, who remains a 10 percent shareholder of the publicly traded company, admitted that this father would certainly frown upon the sport in its modern guise, while the 74-year-old conceded that he also felt a bit lost in today's complicated world of F1.

"Today it seems that everything is prohibited in Formula 1, testing during the season, engine development, etc... Sometimes it is hard for me to identify with the modern Formula 1," Ferrari told the RAI's radio programme Extratime.

"My father wouldn't have liked the summer break. He would have been happy to go testing on August 15."

"We’ve been in Formula 1 since the first year, and it's important that we remain here, full of passion and ambition.

"I would like Ferrari to be able to keep its two souls forever. On the one hand, building our beautiful sportscars, and on the other hand the victories in Formula 1.

"That is what my father always wanted, and we are all still living this dream today."


Piero Ferrari touched on the subject of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc's recent clash at the Brazilian Grand Prix, underlining the crucial need for a team to perform flawlessly on all levels.

"To win you must have a car that is 100 percent from the first to the last lap and a driver who does not make mistakes and knows how to use 100 percent of the machine’s performance," said the Ferrari Vice-Chairman.

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