Video: Hamilton takes an emotional trip down memory lane


Lewis Hamilton's seven-year association with Mercedes has yielded 64 wins and five world titles, with more success yet to come for the winning combination.

In a video posted by the Silver Arrows squad on its Youtube channel, the six-time world champion reunites with his championship winning cars -- including his Mercedes-powered McLaren MP4-23 -- for a sentimental moment of reminiscence.

"It's a trip down memory lane, isn't it?" Hamilton says as he meanders among his cars.

"It's just kind of crazy to think that so much time has gone by, so fast. I just remember doing the seat fit for my first season with Mercedes, and jeez we're embarking on the eighth year together.

"You look at these old cars and there still so fresh, so new but technology continues to move each and every year, and it just never stops.

"There are so many happy memories, it just reminds of the best period of time in my life."

Hamilton covers a lot of ground in his narration, touching on his "turbulent" second year in the sport, his ability to learn through "trial and error", the relative notion of sacrifice, his ambition to help the sport become more diverse or his hope to one day see "a young powerful woman come through and blow the field away".

It's an emotional and honest chronicle from a man who has achieved so much yet still appears bewildered by the magnitude of his own success.