FIA tweaks 2021 regs - adds 'drastic improvements' to chassis strength


The FIA has confirmed several updates to F1's 2021 technical regulations, one of which entails "drastic improvements" to the strength of next year's chassis.

The rule adjustments were announced after Friday's meeting in Geneva of the World Motor Sport Council and include changes that will hopefully impact both the show on the track and competitors' safety.

The WMSC approved an increase in minimum mass of next year's cars from 745kg to 746kg due to the addition of new elements to monitor the Power Units.

Changes to the cars' front wing profiles have been implemented to prevent downwash which "would have resulted in a severe compromise to the overall objectives to allow cars to race more closely".

Also, front wing endplates, top bodywork and rear wing endplates have been modified to give the teams more commercial space.

On the safety front, likely taking in the lessons learned from the tragic accident that occurred at Spa last year in Formula 2, where young hopeful Anthoine Hubert lost his life, the FIA has made "drastic improvements to the strength and energy absorption of the chassis in front, lateral and rear impacts".


Furthermore, the FIA also added "a number of updates to considerably improve electrical (high voltage) safety on the cars", while tethers will be made mandatory for a car's rear wing and rear impact structures.

Kulite - a world leader in pressure transducer technology - has been appointed as the official supplier for Power Unit pressure and temperature sensors from 2021 to 2023.

Finally, regarding the introduction next year of F1's budget cap, the FIA said that "changes to the Financial Regulations for 2021 and beyond will allow monitoring activities to be performed by Cost Cap Administrators at any point in time, remotely or at F1 Teamsโ€™ premises."

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