Ferrari-gate: Has Mercedes left F1's camp of rebels?

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Has Mercedes put its grievances towards Ferrari and the FIA aside and left the group of teams threatening legal action against the governing body?

According to F1 reporter Ralf Bach from F1-Insider, Mercedes no longer stands united with its non-Ferrari affiliated rivals which are seeking full disclosure from the FIA of the terms governing its secret agreement with the House of Maranello following last year's investigation into a potential breach of the technical regulations by the latter.

Ferrari is suspected of having exploited a ploy to increase the fuel flow of its engine in 2019. But the FIA has purposefully refrained from disclosing any details about its "arrangement" with the Scuderia.

The venerable institution's lack of clarity drew the ire of seven teams Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren, Renault, Racing Point, AlphaTauri and Williams who jointly issued a statement in which the group made a clear reference to seeking legal redress if necessary.

But a report now alleges that the issue has been put to rest by Mercedes following a conversation between FCA and Ferrari chairman John Elkann and Daimler CEO Ola Källenius.

If true, it would be a strange U-turn for Mercedes given that team boss Toto Wolff acted as the main instigator of the whole affair. But on the other had, parent company Daimler might have decided to distance its brand from any further controversy, especially at a time when F1 and the FIA have their hands full with the coronavirus crisis.

If Mercedes has indeed abandoned the group of seven, engine customers Racing Point and Williams could follow suit, which in turn would leave Red Bull, AlphaTauri, Renault and McLaren in charge of holding the FIA accountable for its actions.

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