Ricciardo: F1 should consult drivers on 2020 schedule overhaul

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Daniel Ricciardo believes Formula 1 and the FIA should sound out drivers on how the sport plans to rebuild its 2020 calendar and schedule in the coming months.

Yesterday, the Canadian Grand Prix became the ninth race to be called off amid the global coronavirus crisis which has brough F1 to a standstill.

Given the current lack of clarity about when the COVID-19 pandemic will subside and allow for the world to return to a semblance of normality, devising a schedule remains an impossible task.

However, planning is ongoing, with several options being mulled by F1 in terms of preserving a minimum number of races that would constitute a valid 2020 season.

But such a scheme would inevitably lead to multiple double or triple-headers, and to a compressed program that would also require shortened race weekends and a logical geographical race order according to Ricciardo.

"I think they would need to shorten the weekend if we did a race every week," the Renault driver told French broadcaster Canal +.

"I think it would need to be a two-day weekend and not a three.

"If we do it in a logistical way which makes sense, do a Europe phase and then an east side of the world phase, and a west.

"That could make sense and for sure I think by the time we get going we all want to race."

The Australian was asked whether the drivers should be consulted on the FIA and F1's plans to rebuild a compressed 2020 schedule with race promoters.

"Yes, I think so," he said. "We have the drivers' association which we are all part of so we can communicate.

"They can reach us through that and vice versa we can all collectively go back and forth through this family that we have and we can quickly gather opinions and find solutions.

"If they present the option of a two-day weekend, that could work as opposed to three. I think us drivers would probably agree that's a good thing if it means fitting more races in."

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