2017 F1 regulations must not prevent overtaking - Allison

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Ferrari technical director James Allison has warned planned new regulations for the 2017 season must take in to account the impact on overtaking.

The FIA released initial details of its requirements for the 2017 regulations earlier this year, with the main focus being on making the F1 cars quicker and more visually aggressive. While Allison believes progress is being made towards an exciting new set of rules, he says the knock-on effects must not be overlooked.

"I think that what we were asked to do was to make the cars look more aggressive, make the cars a lot faster - the fastest F1 cars ever - and to make them physically more tough to drive, not more difficult, but more physically arduous simply because the G-forces will be higher in the fast corners," Allison told ESPN.

"I think the rules will deliver on all three of those, but we will need to make sure we are keeping the level of overtaking in the sport more or less where it is now or at a level which is judged to be correct."

And Allison believes there are measures which can be taken to ensure it is still possible to overtake, but wants to ensure they are consider as part of the new regulations.

"There are devices to do that. The two main things that [have to]ย happen are tyre degradation, making sure the tyres are not too uniform in their behaviour through the race, and judging and tuning the size of the DRS correctly so an overtake is possible if you screw your courage up and do a good job."

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