Ricciardo a believer in Red Bull upswing

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While 2016 may not bring an immediate improvement to Red Bull Racing's fortunes, Daniel Ricciardo believes there's a very bright light on the team's horizon.

Red Bull's engine woes with Renault led to a difficult 2015 campaign during which the Milton Keynes outfit, and Ricciardo in particular, failed to secure a win.

Marked improvements - especially on the chassis front - showed up in the latter part of the season, but the ever-smiling Aussie's outlook for next season remains cautious as he sets his sights on 2017 for a return of Red Bull to the upper echelon of Formula 1.

"It was good for me to go through that as a driver and experience a few more of the lows, after all the highs," Ricciardo told Motorsport.com.

"As a team, I thought it was a really good turnaround. It could have dragged them down, but instead, from mid-season onward the car just came to life.

"It was impressive how everyone kept it together. I think it’s made us stronger, and I think when we get the equipment again – the full package – we’ll kill it."

Daniel Ricciardo isn't expecting fireworks next season as the team will be once again powered by a hopefully improved Renault engine, although he will seek to make the most out of any opportunity which may be thrown his way.

"It’s a long shot next year, to be honest. It should be a little bit better, but to get on Mercedes’ level, realistically we’ll probably have to wait until 2017. But you never know.

"You never know what can happen. This year we nearly got a win or two, so you don’t know. But we’ll play it down for now."

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