2015 F1 season: F1i’s drivers review 10-1

F1i takes the driver ratings from the 2015 F1 season to give each driver an average score across the year, adding a brief review of how each driver performed in the 19 races

Alonso story

10. Fernando Alonso - 7.23/10

With a nod to Jenson Button’s review, the McLaren drivers were the hardest to judge over the 2015 season given a lack of performance, reliability and consistency from the new McLaren-Honda partnership. Alonso missed the first race after his strange testing crash but once he returned he was his tenacious self on track even if he was often fighting losing battles.

Hungary provided an opportunity for a strong result and Alonso grabbed it with both hands to finish fifth, while he also bit his tongue on a few occasions where maybe in the past he would have voiced his displeasure at the way the season was going. Still political, Alonso picked his time - Japan - to broadcast some damning comments about the Honda power unit over team radio, but he had plenty of reasons for his outbursts, later being relegated from fifth place in Austin to finish outside the points due to a loss of power.