Jordan: Mercedes continued domination in F1 'a problem'

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Former team boss Eddie Jordan believes that Mercedes' persistent domination in Formula 1 is "a problem" for the sport.

Mercedes wrapped up a seventh consecutive Constructors' and Drivers' in 2020 and there are currently no reasons to believe that the Brackley squad's engineering excellence will not prevail once again this year.

However, Mercedes' unchecked sovereignty isn't in the best interests of F1 according to Jordan.

"The sport is in a difficult situation because no-one can put their finger on Mercedes," Jordan told BBC Scotland. "They do it better than anybody else.

"Racing Point won a race last year, that was amazing from Sergio Perez, and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) won the last race but that shouldn't confuse people into thinking it will be much more open.


"Mercedes have the best people and the best engine, so how can they not win the championship? That's a problem for me.

"It's difficult to find the right sponsorship and you're just not going to compete with that."

Mercedes boasted a track record of 13 wins in 2020 out of 17 races, with Lewis Hamilton alone delivering 11 victories en route to his seventh world title.

As Mercedes and Hamilton continue their contract talks, a debate has raged over the Briton's true merits, with many suggesting that the 95-time Grand Prix winner owes his record-breaking achievements first and foremost to his outstanding equipment.

But Jordan contends that Mercedes and team boss Toto Wolff would be "deluded" if they believed that Hamilton's success - and therefore Mercedes' accomplishments - could be duplicated by another driver should the team decide to part ways with F1's superstar.

"Lewis Hamilton is the jewel in the crown. He's the one every TV station wants to interview," Jordan told This Sporting Life podcast.

"Mercedes are probably saying a lot of this is to do with the car and we've given him an outstanding chance to be world champion because he has the best car. That's not in dispute.

"However, if they think they can replace Lewis Hamilton with another driver and have the same element of success then I think they are deluded.

"And one thing's for sure Mercedes and Toto Wolf will not be easily deluded.

"He's a very smart guy. He knows exactly the value of Lewis Hamilton and I think they will sit down and come to a good solution because the world of F1 needs Lewis Hamilton in it."

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