Mick Schumacher gets a taste of Dad's first car!


Mick Schumacher traveled down his famous father's memory lane on Tuesday at Silverstone when he took to the track onboard a Jordan 191, the car with which Michael Schumacher made his memorable F1 debut at Spa in 1991.

The Haas driver was on duty with his team to conduct a Pirelli 2022 tyre test at the circuit along with Aston Martin's Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull's Alex Albon.

But during the lunch pause, the track was assigned to Sky F1 for the filming of a special segment that will air during the Belgian Grand Prix weekend to mark 30 years since Michael Schumacher's Grand Prix debut.

Sky commentator Karun Chandhok warmed up the Jordan 191, arguably one of the most beautiful F1 cars ever produced, before Mick Schumacher saddled the Gary-Anderson-designed machine.

For now, we've only got pictures of the memorable moment, in which Vettel - Schumacher's mentor - took a keen interest.

So we'll all need to wait until August 29 to find out the rest of the story!