Aston Martin hoping to retain Vettel amid 'trustworthy discussions'


Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack has expressed his hope that Sebastian Vettel will remain with the team next year and perhaps beyond as "trustworthy discussions" kick off between the two parties.

After a six-year tenure with Ferrari, Vettel committed in 2020 to a two-year deal with Aston Martin that expires at the end of this season.

The four-time world champion has yet to give a clear indication about his F1 future, but the fact that he has engaged in talks with his team imply that the German driver is at least open to remaining on the grid in 2023.

"We were always clear that if he wants to continue, we would like him to stay for long, yes," Krack said recently, quoted by

"We are talking. We have a very, very good relationship, and it is not that we have to set each other deadlines.

"Obviously at one point, if we drag that too long, we will also be running into trouble, and he’s aware of that.

"But they are very trustworthy discussions that we are having. From that point of view, it’s all good."


Vettel's final call on his future might depend on Aston's ability to improve the performance of its new-generation AMR22.

The weak package fielded by the Silverstone-based outfit at the start of the season received a significant upgrade in Barcelona last month that has raised the team's performance level and allowed Vettel to score two top-ten finishes in the last four races.

Aston will implement another round of updates for this week's British Grand Prix, the team's home race. And Krack is hopeful the changes will produce another step forward as well as a good impression on Vettel.

"For us, we have always said that we want to improve the car, and I think Barcelona was the first step," said the Aston team principal.

"I would like to show him another step, and then we can talk, maybe then I can, his desire to do it is a bit better."

Krack admitted that he isn't relying on a gut feeling to second-guess Vettel's decision.

"You should not talk about feelings, you can get disappointed!" he said. "No, no, we analysed what we have done here, we work hard for Silverstone, and then we see where we are, and then we talk."

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