Honda changes not at cost of size zero - Boullier

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McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says Honda's power unit upgrade does not see the team move away from its size zero philosophy.

Honda introduced an upgrade for the second pre-season test, with Boullier saying there is "clearly a gain" from the new specification. However, this year's design makes for a taller power unit, which has had to be accommodated by the McLaren bodywork.

Asked if the new Honda power unit means a move away from size zero, Boullier replied: "Nope.

"Size zero philosophy is a philosophy so it doesn’t [break], let’s say, with this kind of change. Honda is free to do what they want with the engine and make it as better as possible and then we can always accommodate."

And Boullier insists McLaren has put no limitations on Honda, saying the team will react to whatever the power unit manufacturer wants to do.

"There is no compromise. If tomorrow they tell us they need a big turbo ... we would make the changes and put it in the car."

With Jenson Button noting a "massive" step forward in terms of ERS deployment, Boullier believes McLaren has completely erased last year's deficit.

"That’s the good news on the PU side this year, they have been fixing this issue. There will be some tracks where we can’t deploy but this will be the same for everyone. I believe the other ones will still have a bit of an advantage this year because they have developed this part too but we can be at least as good as the others last year."

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