Magnussen a fan of banked corners, excited to sample Zandvoort


Kevin Magnussen will race as an F1 rookie next weekend at Zandvoort, having yet to sample the revamped version of the legendry circuit.

The Haas charger has visited Zandvoort in the past during his junior motorsport years, racing on the circuit's previous layout.

"I drove around Zandvoort in Formula 3 and also before that in Formula Renault 2.0 and I’ve always loved the track," he said in the US outfit's Dutch Grand Prix preview.

"It’s changed a bit since I last drove there but from what I saw on TV, it still has the same sort of character and is still as exciting."

Although the track's layout has remained relatively unchanged, the final flat-out Turn 14 Arie Luyendyk Bocht and the Turn 3 Hugenholtz corner now feature spectacular banked grounds.

"I’m a fan of banked corners," Magnussen added.

"It means you can use different lines much better so you can get out of the wake of the car in front and still go quick through corners and it’s better for close racing and overtaking.

"With these new cars, I think Zandvoort is going to be one of the tracks where it’s going to become easier to overtake, so we’ll see more like we did in Hungary."

As for how the high-speed, high downforce venue will suit Haas' VF-22, Magnussen will need to wait until first practice to make any predictions.

"Specifically for the VF-22, I don’t really know, but driving a Formula 1 car around there is going to be awesome," he said.

"It’s one of those places from back in the seventies and eighties so you really will get a bit of nostalgia driving around there in a Formula 1 car.

"It’s going to be significant so I’m excited and looking forward to it."

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