Magnussen's love for 'old' tracks bolstered by F1 triple-header


Kevin Magnussen says Formula 1's current Spa-Zandvoort-Monza triple header serves as a reminder of how fond he is the sport's classic circuits.

Next weekend's Italian Grand Prix will cap F1's current run of three consecutive events before a well-deserved two-week break.

While this year's 23-race calendar once again blends the new with the old in terms of circuits, Magnussen is enjoying visiting three tracks steeped in F1 history, not only for each venue's specific atmosphere but also for how they feel behind the wheel of a racing car and the excitement they generate.

"I think it’s ok to have a mix with old and new, but I do tend to prefer the old ones because they were built differently," explained the Haas charger.

"Nowadays, tracks are built very efficiently, smooth, flat and wide.

"When you get to a track like Zandvoort, Mugello, Monza or Suzuka, you really feel the difference and it tends to be more exciting and more exhilarating.

"You let your mind think about what it must’ve been like back in the day and also the old tracks that we race on now have been updated.

"It was just different back then and the tracks that still exist from back then still have some of that character in them."

Unfortunately, Magnussen and teammate Mick Schumacher had no points to show for their efforts in Belgium and in Holland.

And Monza's high-speed, low-downforce layout are characteristics that are not well suited to Haas' VF-22 car.

"We know that Monza will not be a strong point for us," confirmed team boss Guenther Steiner.

"All the high-speed, low downforce race tracks don’t suit our car.

"This year we’re not in a position to fight on these race tracks but the team in Italy is working hard on some solutions for next year and I’m sure we’ll get them so next year we’ll be in a better place.

"We use these races to gain experience and collect data for the development of next year so we’re in a much better place hopefully than this year.

“We always try to do our best, you never know, there could be rain there. You always need to be 100 per cent, you never say this will be a bad race.

"If we know that it will be challenging, we are working harder."

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