Video: Gasly and Tsunoda part ways with comical Christmas challenge


Before they part ways after two seasons together at AlphaTauri, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda went head-to-head one last time, the pair letting their competitive drive flow with the Christmas spirit.

Gasly will move to his new home at Alpine after the new year while Tsunoda will embark on his third year in F1 with Red Bull's sister team.

But ahead of their gut-wrenching separation, the Gas-man, and his pocket size side-kick were assigned a series of challenges devised by the wicked folk at Faenza.

It all started with a race to decorate a Christmas tree that was followed by a frantic 'Build your Car' scrap and then by a culinary 'Guess the Ingredients'.

But things quickly got messy between the former teammates…

Check out the video of Gasly and Tsunoda's hilarious holiday antics:

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