Aston Martin completes Silverstone shakedown of AMR23


Aston Martin's new AMR23 enjoyed its track debut on Wednesday at Silverstone and it was a trouble-free initial outing for the British outfit's 2023 Formula 1 contender.

Both Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso were on hand to sample their new machine, with the Canadian driver entrusted with the privilege of putting its first miles on the AMR23.

"Taking the AMR23 out for the very first time was a special moment and the car felt good," commented Stroll.

"Everything was working as expected and running smoothly which is the most important thing as we prepare for the upcoming test in Bahrain.


"We know there is always plenty to be learnt at the start of the year, but we made a strong start this morning and I really enjoyed being back behind the wheel.

"There’s nothing quite like putting your right foot down in a brand new Formula 1 car after a long winter break."

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Per Formula 1's regulations, Aston's filming day at Silverstone was limited to an aggregate 100 km for both drivers.

"It was a good day and I enjoyed getting to drive the AMR23 for the very first time," added Alonso. "It’s nice to be back and feel the speed of a Formula One car after some time away from it.

"We completed lots of things today because it’s a filming day and we got through our plan smoothly.

"We only have to wait until testing next week and we will get to know our car better there and understand more of where the competition is after the winter.

"We only have one and a half days each to get up to speed with everything in Bahrain, so we have to maximise the time we have with the car."

Like its rivals, Aston Martin will pack its cargo and head to Bahrain where pre-season testing will kick off on February 23.

Teams will run for three days at Sakhir, while the first round of the 2023 F1 world championship will take place a week later on March 5.

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