Russell anticipating 'small jump' for Mercedes in Barcelona


George Russell had "no real concerns" to report regarding the significant upgrade package introduced by Mercedes in Monaco, and the Briton expects next week's Spanish Grand Prix to better reflect the car's progress.

While he had no complaints to formulate, Russell was anything but satisfied with his performance in Saturday's qualifying which he concluded P8, two spots behind teammate Lewis Hamilton

The Mercedes charger reckoned that he had left some performance on the table after "pushing for more" in Q3 and paying the price.

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"Definitely more there," he said after Saturday's shootout. "Q1 and Q2 were looking reasonably promising, so close to Ferrari and Fernando [Alonso].

"I pushed for more and paid the price. Ultimately went slower than the potential.

"Kicking myself a little bit because of that. But I would have been equally disappointed had I just been a tenth behind and not try that little bit extra.

"[It’s the] price you pay sometimes, can’t get it right every time. For sure now a little bit disappointed."

Like Hamilton, Russell gave Mercedes' new-spec car a thumbs up, and expects the W14's improvements to be more visible at the Circuit de Catalunya next weekend in Barcelona.

"There’s definitely no scares with this new update," he said. "Things working as expected. No real concerns.

"We brought a lot to the car, aero package, new suspension and all working as expected.

"I see no reason why in Barcelona it won’t perform as we expected and we’ll hopefully make a small jump.

"But equally I think Aston Martin has brought some upgrades as well and naturally the whole field moves forward."

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