Red Bull considered in-house engine plan - Marko

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Realizing it would be forced to compose with an uncompetitive Renault power unit early in 2014, Red Bull Racing evaluated building its own engine, according to the energy drink's motor sport advisor Helmut Marko.

The Milton Keynes outfit undertook a feasibility study but concluded in the end that the effort would not be worth the cost.

"We looked at it but we very quickly found out it wasn't for Red Bull," said Marko.

"It was when we had the first tests in 2014. We were looking at it, investigating it. There is enough know-how. But the costs and complexity of the whole thing...

"We are not talking about an engine, we're talking about a power unit which is far more complicated and these engine regulations are wrong.

"It's too expensive, it's too engineering driven, it doesn't make the sound you need and the driver is more or less a passenger.

"The costs are enormous. We are talking about 250-300 people just to develop such an engine and we don't know how long the regulations will go."

It's interesting to note that engine Mario Illien was contracted last year by Red Bull to help Renault with its power unit efforts, and the Swiss engineer remains a consultant today.

Furthermore, German engineer Alexander Hitzinger was also recently drafted in by Red Bull Technologies, the 44-year-old having worked extensively on Porsche's winning  919 hybrid car.

Still, according to Marko, in-house engine plans are off the table for Red Bull which is considering alternatives when it comes to powering its future.

"We have option, we won't be without an engine next year. We have an option, but we want a competitive engine, one that you can run at the front, that you can win with.

"There are still discussions to equalise power within two per cent or bring the so-called independent engine in again.

"Let's see what happens with the regulations and let's see what development the engine we are using, which is a TAG Heuer, is doing this season."

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