Hamilton’s Ferrari shocker: Senna would have approved

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Lewis Hamilton's sensational decision to join Ferrari in 2025 reverberated like thunder through the Formula 1 community, creating ripples of astonishment and intrigue.

However, the Briton’s audacious move is not just a seismic shift in the racing landscape; it is the poignant realization of a dream that once eluded Hamilton's idol, the legendary Ayrton Senna, adding an extra layer of significance to the seven-time world champion’s historic decision.

The story has been told many times before, but the great Brazilian once embraced the hope of passing through the golden gates of Maranello.

In 2021, former Scuderia boss Jean Todt recounted his dealings with Senna regarding a plan to concoct a match made in heaven.

“A few weeks after I arrived [at Ferrari], I met Ayrton Senna during the Monza weekend at the hotel we were staying at on Lake Como,” remembered Todt.

“I offered him to switch to Ferrari in 1995, but he was pushing for 1994. We already had two drivers under contract, Jean Alesi and Gerhard Berger, so we couldn’t satisfy his request, and when Ayrton asked why, I explained the situation to him.

“He didn’t give up, telling me that in Formula 1 contracts don’t count, but I replied that for me a contract has to be respected. So we offered him a deal for 1995, but unfortunately we know what happened.

“I wanted a top driver, because when I joined Ferrari, the people in charge of the chassis said that you didn’t win because of the engine, for others the problem was the chassis, and for others the responsibility was the drivers.

“So I said to myself, there’s a variable we can eliminate: if we get the best driver in the world, or at least a driver who’s already a world champion, we can eliminate an excuse.

“If we had Senna, no one would have been able to point the finger at the driver, which is why we got Michael afterwards.”

Sadly, after the tragic events of Imola in May 1994, Ferrari and Todt were left to ponder what may have been, although Michael Schumacher would later do more than make-up for the Scuderia and Senna’s missed opportunity.

Like his idol back in the day, Hamilton will move away from a team - Mercedes - that brought him his greatest rewards, but which has since lost its way. But contrary to Senna, the Briton will have a chance to carry his torch to Ferrari.

The Prancing Horse beckons, and Hamilton, like a knight seeking the Holy Grail, charges towards a destiny that could cement his legacy as the greatest of all time, surpassing even his idol's legend.

Ayrton would approve…

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