Gasly still trusting Alpine for F1 glory amid dynamic driver market


Pierre Gasly is attentive to what has suddenly become a very dynamic drivers’ market following Lewis Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari in 2025, but the Frenchman is still banking on Alpine to carry him to the sharper end of the F1 field.

Despite Alpine's dip in performance last year, which saw the Enstone squad finish sixth in Formula 1’s Constructors’ standings, Gasly continues to see the team as springboard to the top.

At 28 and feeling at the peak of his abilities, the Frenchman craves a chance to fight for podiums and victories.

But he isn’t blind. With a vacant seat at Mercedes for 2025, Gasly might be inclined to direct his management to channel all their efforts towards convincing the Brackley squad to give him the coveted seat.

However, Gasly seems ready to gamble on a project he believes in, where his talents can truly blossom.

“It was unexpected for most people,” Gasly told the media, commenting on Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari. “Obviously it changes slightly the dynamics of the driver market and the whole silly season.

“Obviously I started with Alpine last year. I know the project I’m working on. I have the end of my contract at the end of the year and obviously there are conversations ongoing.

“I think the situation is pretty clear, but at the moment I just want to see what this car is capable of.

“Ultimately my goal is to fight at the front. I believe it’s possible with Alpine. I’m 28, good experience, I’m in my prime and that’s what I’m working for. I want to fight for wins, for podiums and be up there.”

The 2024 season will be crucial for both Gasly and Alpine. The former needs to consistently deliver top-tier performances, further solidifying his reputation as a future contender.

Meanwhile, Alpine must translate the team’s technical upgrades into on-track results, proving they can provide the competitive platform Gasly desires.

During the recent unveiling of Alpine's 2024 car, Bruno Famin, the team principal, affirmed that contract talks for 2025 and beyond had started with Gasly and teammate Esteban Ocon.

“It’s an ongoing process and we have had conversations,” Gasly confirmed. “I think it’s going to start going crazy after a couple of races or maybe it did already.

“Obviously as a driver, I’ve got my team to do this type of job. I’m focusing on what I’ve got to do as a driver because ultimately that’s what I want to do. I want to perform, I want to give my absolute best, I want to do my absolute best for the team.

“500 people worked day and night to get that car as good as they can and then my job is to bring it to further up the grid as I can so it’s what I focus on.”

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