2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix Index

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Welcome to our index page of the 2024 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. From here you will find links to all our latest reports, pictures and results from Imola.

Session Reports

FP1: Leclerc puts Ferrari on top as Verstappen struggles

FP2: Leclerc stays top as Red Bull remain off the pace

FP3: Piastri leads McLaren 1-2 as Perez and Alonso crash

Qualifying: Verstappen safely on pole from Piastri and Norris

Race: Verstappen holds on to beat charging Norris


Gallery: All the pictures from Thursday's build-up in Imola

Gallery: All the pictures from practice day in Imola

Gallery: All the pictures from qualifying day in Imola

Gallery: All the pictures from race day in Imola


Free Practice 1 results

1Charles LeclercFerrari1:16.990s29
2George RussellMercedes1:17.094s+ 0.104s27
3Carlos SainzFerrari1:17.120s+ 0.130s24
4Sergio PérezRed Bull1:17.233s+ 0.243s22
5Max VerstappenRed Bull1:17.240s+ 0.250s21
6Yuki TsunodaRB1:17.388s+ 0.398s28
7Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:17.408s+ 0.418s26
8Lando NorrisMcLaren1:17.602s+ 0.612s16
9Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:17.807s+ 0.817s24
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:17.867s+ 0.877s18
11Pierre GaslyAlpine1:17.905s+ 0.915s20
12Lance StrollAston Martin1:18.072s+ 1.082s21
13Daniel RicciardoRB1:18.142s+ 1.152s25
14Esteban OconAlpine1:18.612s+ 1.622s28
15Oliver BearmanHaas1:18.667s+ 1.677s30
16Valtteri BottasSauber1:18.827s+ 1.837s22
17Zhou GuanyuSauber1:19.129s+ 2.139s17
18Logan SargeantWilliams1:19.901s+ 2.911s21
19Alexander AlbonWilliams1:20.050s+ 3.060s8
20Nico HülkenbergHaas1:21.059s+ 4.069s19

Free Practice 2 results

1Charles LeclercFerrari1:15.906s28
2Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:16.098s+ 0.192s29
3Yuki TsunodaRB1:16.286s+ 0.380s31
4Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:16.297s+ 0.391s28
5George RussellMercedes1:16.311s+ 0.405s31
6Carlos SainzFerrari1:16.423s+ 0.517s29
7Max VerstappenRed Bull1:16.447s+ 0.541s22
8Sergio PérezRed Bull1:16.552s+ 0.646s24
9Nico HülkenbergHaas1:16.826s+ 0.920s27
10Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:16.838s+ 0.932s28
11Daniel RicciardoRB1:16.967s+ 1.061s31
12Lando NorrisMcLaren1:16.980s+ 1.074s29
13Lance StrollAston Martin1:16.991s+ 1.085s25
14Esteban OconAlpine1:17.008s+ 1.102s30
15Pierre GaslyAlpine1:17.064s+ 1.158s31
16Valtteri BottasSauber1:17.088s+ 1.182s27
17Kevin MagnussenHaas1:17.129s+ 1.223s31
18Alexander AlbonWilliams1:17.135s+ 1.229s22
19Zhou GuanyuSauber1:17.606s+ 1.700s27
20Logan SargeantWilliams1:17.848s+ 1.942s21

Free Practice 3 results

1Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:15.529s15
2Lando NorrisMcLaren1:15.829s+ 0.300s15
3Carlos SainzFerrari1:16.067s+ 0.538s22
4Charles LeclercFerrari1:16.087s+ 0.558s20
5George RussellMercedes1:16.095s+ 0.566s16
6Max VerstappenRed Bull1:16.366s+ 0.837s21
7Alexander AlbonWilliams1:16.470s+ 0.941s14
8Esteban OconAlpine1:16.481s+ 0.952s19
9Lance StrollAston Martin1:16.543s+ 1.014s24
10Nico HülkenbergHaas1:16.547s+ 1.018s15
11Daniel RicciardoRB1:16.560s+ 1.031s15
12Sergio PérezRed Bull1:16.631s+ 1.102s18
13Yuki TsunodaRB1:16.668s+ 1.139s14
14Valtteri BottasSauber1:16.695s+ 1.166s15
15Logan SargeantWilliams1:16.794s+ 1.265s16
16Kevin MagnussenHaas1:16.923s+ 1.394s12
17Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:16.960s+ 1.431s16
18Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:17.339s+ 1.810s10
19Pierre GaslyAlpine1:17.361s+ 1.832s17
20Zhou GuanyuSauber1:17.891s+ 2.362s15

Qualifying results

1Max VerstappenRed Bull1:15.762s1:15.176s1:14.746s
2Oscar PiastriMcLaren1:15.940s1:15.407s1:14.820s
3Lando NorrisMcLaren1:15.915s1:15.371s1:14.837s
4Charles LeclercFerrari1:15.823s1:15.328s1:14.970s
5Carlos SainzFerrari1:16.015s1:15.512s1:15.233s
6George RussellMercedes1:16.107s1:15.671s1:15.234s
7Yuki TsunodaRB1:15.894s1:15.358s1:15.465s
8Lewis HamiltonMercedes1:16.604s1:15.677s1:15.504s
9Daniel RicciardoRB1:16.060s1:15.691s1:15.674s
10Nico HülkenbergHaas1:15.841s1:15.569s1:15.980s
11Sergio PérezRed Bull1:16.404s1:15.706s
12Esteban OconAlpine1:16.361s1:15.906s
13Lance StrollAston Martin1:16.458s1:15.992s
14Alexander AlbonWilliams1:16.524s1:16.200s
15Pierre GaslyAlpine1:16.015s1:16.381s
16Valtteri BottasSauber1:16.626s
17Zhou GuanyuSauber1:16.834s
18Kevin MagnussenHaas1:16.854s
19Fernando AlonsoAston Martin1:16.917s
20Logan SargeantWilliams-s

Race results

1Max VerstappenRed Bull63 laps - 1:25:25.252s1
2Lando NorrisMcLaren+ 0.725s1
3Charles LeclercFerrari+ 7.916s1
4Oscar PiastriMcLaren+ 14.132s1
5Carlos SainzFerrari+ 22.325s1
6Lewis HamiltonMercedes+ 35.104s1
7George RussellMercedes+ 47.154s2
8Sergio PérezRed Bull+ 54.776s1
9Lance StrollAston Martin+ 1:19.556s1
10Yuki TsunodaRB+ 1 lap /17.856s1
11Nico HülkenbergHaas+ 1 lap /25.277s1
12Kevin MagnussenHaas+ 1 lap /26.434s1
13Daniel RicciardoRB+ 1 lap /27.661s1
14Esteban OconAlpine+ 1 lap /43.907s1
15Zhou GuanyuSauber+ 1 lap /44.933s1
16Pierre GaslyAlpine+ 1 lap /49.715s2
17Logan SargeantWilliams+ 1 lap /51.051s1
18Valtteri BottasSauber+ 1 lap /56.343s1
19Fernando AlonsoAston Martin+ 1 lap /1:15.124s3
Alexander AlbonWilliams5

Drivers championship standings

1Max Verstappen161
2Charles Leclerc113
3Sergio Pérez107
4Lando Norris101
5Carlos Sainz93
6Oscar Piastri53
7George Russell44
8Lewis Hamilton35
9Fernando Alonso33
10Yuki Tsunoda15
11Lance Stroll11
12Oliver Bearman6
13Nico Hülkenberg6
14Daniel Ricciardo5
15Esteban Ocon1
16Kevin Magnussen1
17Alexander Albon0
18Zhou Guanyu0
19Pierre Gasly0
20Valtteri Bottas0
21Logan Sargeant0

Constructors championship standings

1Red Bull268
5Aston Martin44

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