Formula 1’s Pat Symonds steps down from CTO role

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Formula 1 has reportedly bid farewell to a longtime architect of its technical regulations, Pat Symonds, the sport’s Chief Technical Officer since 2017.

According to, Symonds has stepped down from his position.

The 70-year-old British engineer, who previously enjoyed spells with Benetton, Renault and Williams, enjoyed a tenure as CTO that coincided with a period of significant technical transformation in Formula 1.

He played a key role in crafting the regulations for the current ground-effect era that debuted in 2022, with the goal of promoting closer racing and more overtaking opportunities.

But this wasn’t Symonds’ only contribution; the Briton was also deeply involved in shaping the technical specifications of Formula 1’s next-generation machines that will be introduced in 2026 along with a new engine platform.

However, with the core chassis regulations for 2026 nearing finalization and set to be published next month, Symonds seems to have felt the timing was right for his departure.

Discussions about his exit had reportedly been ongoing for some time. F1 staff were informed on Monday, and Symonds has transitioned to gardening leave, essentially a pre-departure period.

While Symonds' future plans remain undisclosed, it's reasonable to speculate that approaching his 71st birthday, he might be seeking a well-deserved break from the demanding world of F1 on a day-to-day basis.

His expertise, however, is certain to remain valuable within the motorsport world.

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