Jordan rubbishes report Newey has signed contract with Ferrari

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Former F1 team owner Eddie Jordan, who looks after the interests of star designer Adrian Newey, has denied a report claiming that the departing Red Bull CTO has already signed a contract with Ferrari.

Last week, Daily Mail F1 reporter Jonathan McEvoy alleged that Newey was “almost certainly Ferrari-bound”, and that the British engineer had in fact already signed a contract with the Italian outfit.

Formula 1 was sent into a frenzy when Newey, the mastermind behind championship-winning cars for Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull, unexpectedly announced ahead of the recent Miami Grand Prix his departure from Red Bull after nearly two decades with the team.

Labeled ‘the man who can see air’ for his talent and revolutionary aerodynamic designs, Newey's services are now being coveted by pretty much every team on the grid.

This upcoming availability has sparked a wave of speculation about where Newey will land next, with several teams likely vying for his expertise ahead of the 2026 regulation shift.

But Ferrari, which realised a major coup earlier tis year by signing seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, is seen by many as the front-runner to secure the legendary designer's genius should he decide to remain in the sport.

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At the recent Monaco Historic Grand Prix, in a media event with Jordan, Newey suggested that he might not be done with F1 quite yet.

“I feel a little tired but at some point, I’ll probably go again,” adding that he was “seriously considering going somewhere else and doing another four or five years”.

However, speaking on Monday in David Coulthard’s Formula for Success podcast, Jordan set the record straight on McEvoy’s reporting and on Newey’s current status.

“We all absolutely adore Jonathan McEvoy, but it’s really very wrong to be so blatant about [Newey] joining a certain team, and in this case he talks about Ferrari,” commented Jordan.

“I’m speaking as someone who should know, and I’m not giving any information away, at no stage is any of this kind of discussion happening [with Ferrari].

“There will be talks, and there is going to be ongoing talks, because we have yet to decide what Adrian himself wants to do.

“He’s been at this, since coming straight from his dream to be an engineer in university, and Leyton House and Williams, McLaren and now Red Bull…

“Jezus, the guy is sixty-something, he’s getting a new boat, I would have said that equally alongside all of those potential teams that we’re talking about, the fifth team he should be thinking about is himself. Himself and [wife] Amanda.

“They’ve got a wonderful home in Cape Town, we see a lot of them, great friends, I have no idea, and let us be very clear, it will always be Adrian’s decision – and so it should be – but there is no clear call.”

Using the podcast, Jordan then addressed McEvoy directly: “Jonathan, if I can only do this through our own little piece of media, love what you do but, you know, it’s not accurate. I can give my absolute life on that.

“There is no inclination to go in any particular way in the moment, we are looking at the opportunities and we are letting people come to talk to us."

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