Sainz denies Williams contract report, calls for media accountability

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Carlos Sainz laughed off claims in the Spanish media that he had signed a contract with Williams, but the outgoing Ferrari driver was also concerned that such false stories go “unpunished”.

The Spaniard is at a crossroad in his F1 career following the Scuderia’s decision to part ways with the 29-year-old Grand Prix winner to make way for Lewis Hamilton in 2025.

Sainz was hopeful of securing a seat at another top team like Red Bull or Mercedes, but those openings haven't materialized.

The former announced this week that it had awarded a new contract to Sergio Perez while Mercedes has reportedly close the door on Sainz’s candidature.

Audi-Sauber and Williams now appear as the Ferrari charger’s most probable options, hence the speculation and false reports swirling in the media.

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“The only thing I can tell you is there is nothing locked in,” Saizn told the media in Montreal on Thursday.

“I've seen reports in the media, I don't know if it's in Spain, people saying I've signed [for Williams].

“You look at those things, it makes me laugh because I remember seeing reports three months ago that I had signed for Mercedes, reports that I had signed for Red Bull.

“Now obviously those places are not going to happen. So, it's funny, now people are saying I've signed for Williams.

“It makes me laugh but sometimes this goes a bit unpunished in a way for some media persons. And I'm not talking about you guys, because you guys are deep down within Formula 1 and you know when something's been signed or not.

“I can just tell you that obviously it concerns me that people can get away with that kind of stuff.”

While Sainz continues to play his cards close to his chest, the three-time Grand Prix winner still feels that a mid-to-long-term project would best serve his interests and future in F1.

“I'll put everything into perspective,” he said. “I will seriously consider everything inside that contract that I sign.

“I'm still a firm believer that in Formula 1 to be successful, you need a medium-to-long-term project. I don't think you're ever going to be successful in Formula 1 to go one year somewhere to win, and then leave.

“You need a proper project for those things to happen. I think 2025, 2026, 2027 and 2028 offers me a good opportunity to find that.

“I’ve said I think 2026 is going to be a lottery. You guys have seen the regs today. When I had a look, it looks impossible for me to predict who's going to be competitive.


“Right now, you guys see it maybe with a bit of a dramatic perspective, not being in a competitive car for 2025 or 2026.

“But I think 2026 is going to be such a turnaround that maybe the future holds something really positive out there for me.”

Both Audi and Williams likely fall into Sainz’s category of extended-duration projects, although he was reluctant to comment on either opportunity.

He did however emphasize how the options available to him put him at the center of a team’s plans, which in turn has boosted in confidence in the future.

“Everyone I've talked to, I felt wanted,” he said. “I felt like people really want me in their team and this makes me feel proud and positive about the future.”

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