Verstappen: 30kg weight cut in 2026 won’t produce ‘agile’ cars

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Max Verstappen believes Formula 1 should have targeted a 100-150kg weight reduction for its cars in 2026 to achieve truly “agile” machines.

Earlier this month, the FIA unveiled the 2026 Formula 1 technical regulations, which include a slight reduction in car size and a 30kg weight reduction.

This announcement has been met with enthusiasm from many drivers who yearn for lighter and more nimble cars.

However, Verstappen, a strong advocate for lighter vehicles, is not entirely convinced by the 30kg reduction.

The Red Bull driver acknowledges the potential benefits of lighter cars and the accompanying regulation changes regarding car size.

His primary concern, however, is the ongoing struggle some teams face in meeting the current minimum weight requirements.

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"It's gonna be very tough with how everything is, but let's see," said the three-time world champion.

"I mean, even now, some teams are overweight, right? So, to go even 30 kilos less... of course, I know that the dimensions change a little bit, but I'm not sure that 30 kilos will be the perfect scenario."


When asked if the planned reduction would meet drivers' wishes and enhance the driving experience, Verstappen suggested a much more drastic cutback.

"You need at least 100-150kg!" he said.  "At the moment with how everything is, for sure it's not possible.

"But that is also to do with the engine, right? Engine and battery related... it's very heavy and long, wide.

"At the moment it's wishful thinking but that is definitely what we need, to make it more agile and probably a bit more fun.

"Safety added a lot of weight, which of course, is good but I'm sure that we can do things a little bit differently. It depends on the regulations that you write."

In a shake-up for overtaking, the FIA has ditched DRS for the 2026 season, opting instead for a combination of active aerodynamics and a driver-activated electrical power boost.

"I don't know how effective it's going to be,” added the Dutchman. “This is something that I haven't seen yet, how effective that is going to be.

“Maybe we need some bananas, and a red shell..." he joked, referring to Mario Kart.

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