A toast to Niki and to an enduring legacy

The great Niki Lauda would have celebrated his 75th birthday on this day, and the great Austrian remains in everyone’s heart.

Lauda, once a titan in Ferrari red and later a guiding light for Mercedes, would have certainly had a few interesting words to say about Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave the Brackley squad and move to the Scuderia.

Ultimately, the three-time world champion would have respected the decision. He admired Hamilton's fire, his drive.

But he'd warn of the inferno waiting in Maranello, the pressure, the internal battles. He'd push Lewis to be the champion Ferrari needed, the leader they craved, while reminding him of the delicate dance required to navigate the team's complexities.

In the end, Lauda would have watched, perhaps with a wry smile, hoping Lewis could tame the red beast and write a new chapter in Ferrari's glorious, yet turbulent, history.

Happy birthday Niki! We miss you...