'Power unit nearly there', says Honda's Hasegawa


McLaren-Honda 's performance level has finally shown signs of progress, although the team has yet to find itself in the hunt for big points.

The Russian Grand Prix weekend will provide Honda with an opportunity to further unlock its power unit's potential which the manufacturer's F1 boss - and McLaren - believe is big.

"Sochi remains a demanding track for us," explains Hasegawa.

"The long straights combined with the stop and start nature mean the balance of energy management is essential to get right during the sessions.

"Unlocking power and managing fuel will also be key, and, with fuel consumption high, it will be important for us to recover as much energy as possible under braking."

The Sochi Autodrom nevertheless presents its own challenges which hopefully will not weight extensively on the McLaren-Honda's ongoing efforts.

"Overall, the track is quite technical, so it will certainly be a challenge for the team and the drivers.

"We think that our power unit is nearly there, so we’re looking towards another solid weekend of running and hope that we can be in a position to score some points in the race on Sunday."

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