Williams calls for more fan research in F1

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Claire Williams says the Strategy Group should do more research in to what fans want before trying to implement change in F1.

Potential changes to the regulations have been discussed by the Strategy Group, which includes Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Force India. Among the proposals have been a change to the engine regulations as well as new aerodynamic rules to change the look of the cars. While the Williams deputy team principal says her team is behind making changes to improve the sport as a spectacle, she says the true wishes of fans need to be understood.

“We think Formula One is a great sport, but as a member of the Strategy Group and being a part of that group there are conversations going on about what we can do to make it a better sport,” Williams said. “So those conversations are focusing around changing the engine formula as it currently is in order to make it louder - which is what fans want - and changing technical regulations to make the cars more radical, more forward looking and more innovative.

“So those are the conversations that we’re having, those are the areas that we’re looking at and it’s about improving what is already a great platform. If that drives more fans to watch our sport and engage with our sport and ensures the sustainability of our sport in to the long term then Williams is 100% behind those conversations.”

Asked how the Strategy Group canvasses fan opinion, Williams admitted it’s an area which requires improvement.

“As a group we probably need to do more research in to what our fans want and listen to what our fans do want before actually doing things that maybe the fans aren’t interested in us changing because it’s not going to have an impact on them. So it’s really important that you have that two-way conversation rather than just pushing changes out for the sake of it.”

Williams' Pat Symonds has previously said any changes made regarding the future of F1 should be "what the kids want".

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