Mercedes-AMG hypercar gets F1-based 1000bhp powertrain!


It's called 'Project One', and Mercedes-AMG's hypercar will a championship winning F1 powertrain and around 1,000bhp!

The German manufacturer has pulled back the veil of its Formula 1-engined hypercar at the Detroit Motor Show, but just by an inch by releasing a teaser image and a few specifics about its flagship project which will also celebrate 50 years of Mercedes-AMG.

For those interested, you might want to put in your bids today for the mean street machine as production of the hybrid powered hypercar will apparently be limited to 300 examples, the vast majority of which have already been sold.

"They are not all allocated yet but they are going away fast," said Mercedes' R&D boss Ola Källenius.

This is the second image Mercedes has released of the McLaren P1 rival, so an official reveal can't be too far off with many speculating that the veil could be completely pulled off at the Geneva Motor Show which takes place in March.

Källenius added:  "We have started development on this car and what is going to be absolutely unique about it, which nobody has ever done and very few are capable of doing, we are going to take the F1 powertrain and put it in a road car."

Indeed, 'Project One' will be powered by a version of the 1.6 litre V6  power unit which has propelled Mercedes and drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg to three consecutive championships in Formula 1.

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