Pirelli boss predicting 'real' overtaking in 2017

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Formula 1's new rules putting the onus on downforce have many predicting that overtaking will be a rarity this season,  but Pirelli's Mario Isola disagrees.

Wider wings and tyres, increased mechanical grip and downforce will bring laps times down by an average of about five seconds a lap according to estimates. But many argue that shorter braking distances will play against overtaking.

"Logic says there will be fewer overtakes, but they will be real," contends Mario Isola.

"There will be no discussions for hours about whether the move was real or assisted. But also the 'show' is not only in overtaking."

Indeed, the Pirelli racing manager also sees better racing, because made more simple. A view shared by Paul Hembery, who manages the Italian company's efforts in F1.

"I expect we'll see fewer pitstops," said the Brit.

"The cars will be faster, the drivers will be on their limit, they'll be making mistakes and we'll be seeing overtaking in that way. That's how it should be. We'll have a real world championship again."

Hembery is convinced the racing won't be boring.

"They will become clearer and easier to understand."


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