Pirelli embracing the challenge of a faster F1, says CEO


Pirelli CEO, Marco Provera says the Italian tyre manufacturer is very happy with its involvement in Formula 1 and looking forward to the "very important challenge" of dealing with much faster cars in 2017.

As the exclusive supplier to F1 since 2011, Pirelli has had some difficult issues to deal with at times, but the company's top executive is overall very satisfied with its presence at the pinnacle of motorsport.

"F1 gave Pirelli a chance to show what we can do, and that we are a company with a future," Povera told Italian radio Rai Gr Parlamento.

"We assess the financial results of our cooperation with the world championship very positively.

"We had to overcome all sorts of difficulties, but Pirelli has contributed to the success of F1 while at the same time demonstrating our capabilities."

Asked about the future direction of the sport under the guidance of its new owners, Povera offered a guarded opinion, although he expressed his enthusiasm over  the sport's new rules.

"Let's see what will change with the arrival of the new owners, but it is unlikely that in the next three years the changes will be radical."

"The new season is for us a very important challenge. We are bringing tyres with greater performance of several seconds per lap.

"The technology gap is huge, but we are well underway and the work we are doing is very important," he added.


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