F1 working on ‘spectacular new formula in 2017’

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Toto Wolff says the key F1 stakeholders are working towards introducing a “spectacular new formula in 2017”.

Mercedes dominated the 2014 season under new power unit regulations, with the team winning all but three races while the sport itself saw some quarters unhappy with the lack of noise and slower lap times. With television figures steadily declining, Wolff says Mercedes is willing to engage in conversations about how the sport can adapt to deliver a better show and reveals discussions have taken place about major changes in two years’ time.

“The discussion about a 1,000hp engine has been around quite a while and I appreciate very well that it needs to be a spectacular formula and if that’s the way forward then we should continue to work on it,” Wolff said.

“But there are various groups coming together in terms of how the 2017 rules can look like and in terms of power unit and the chassis side. [On Friday] there was a very valuable meeting, Charlie [Whiting] was there and Bernie was there. Concepts are being put in place to make it a spectacular new formula in 2017.”

When asked if a return to V8 engines was on the cards in order to deliver the new formula, Wolff replied: “No.

“I think all engine manufacturers are pretty clear that the current engine architecture with the hybrid component needs to stay in place, this is the direction we’ve headed to and this is at least at the moment the current status between Ferrari, Renault, Honda and Mercedes.”

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