F1 expected to keep Strategy Group

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Williams co-team principal Claire Williams believes that in the absence of any other viable alternative, Formula 1 will most probably keep its Strategy Group as part of the sport's decision-making process in the future.

The Strategy Group includes Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull, Williams, McLaren and Force India, and its purpose is to discuss and submit proposals relating to the strategic direction of Formula 1.

The ideas are then submitted to a vote process in front of the F1 Commission before they get the green light and written into the rules by the World Motor Sport Council.

Williams sees no reason at present to question the existence of the Strategy Group.

"Falling short of no-one coming up with a viable alternative, yeah," she said to Autosport.

"It has pushed through some good things. What's the alternative? Bernie [Ecclestone] has six [votes], [FIA president] Jean [Todt] has six and the teams have six but they listen to us.

"I have never experienced a case where they have just gone 'no' and bulldozed us. Apart from qualifying.  But that was resolved pretty quickly. We did all stand up and say no and they did agree to us."

The famous Concorde Agreement, which governed the financial relationship between F1's organisers and the teams, was replaced by a bi-lateral agreement which expires at the end of 2020.

With new regulations coming into force next season, centered mainly around engine cost and supply rules, F1 will have  a four-year period of stability. But Williams believes that talks over where the sport should go beyond 2020 will soon get underway.

"Everyone has just put in an enormous amount of effort to get to the point where we are today with the 2017 regulations and the power units.

"And I imagine now that those have been concluded that we now move on into a period of not only talking about the Concorde agreements for 2020 and beyond, but also what the sport looks like in 2020 and beyond."

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