The Shaq didn't turn his back on F1


Sky F1's Martin Brundle was spot on in Austin with his criticism of the disdainful and toplofty attitude of some celebrity guests and their entourage that visit the F1 grid.

F1's trophy man on Sunday, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal, is as high-and-mighty as celebrities come but in the best possible way.

Contrary to others, sporting legends or free-style rappers, 'The Shaq' was genuinely delighted to mix it up with F1 folk and the fans at the Circuit of the America, strolling down the grid before the race, bumping fists and offering a kind word to anyone he encountered.

The Shaq convincingly demonstrated once again that one can be a mega star or sporting icon and still retain a sense of humbleness.

Take note Serena Williams.