Bobby-K puts more than just a WEC title under his belt

Robert Kubica is no longer involved in F1 but the Polish driver still competes at the highest levels of motorsport.

Last weekend in Bahrain, Kubica and his WRT teammates Louis Deletraz (pictured here above with Kubica) and Rui Andrade were crowned the last-ever LMP2 champions in the World Endurance Championship.

It’s a major milestone achievement for Kubica who many considered as lost for racing after his horrendous rally crash in 2011 in which he almost lost his right hand.

The Pole’s accomplishment is not only a reminder of his skill and talent, it’s also a testament to his extraordinary resilience and determination.

“I didn't win many championships, to be honest, in my life,” Kubica told Autosport. “Yes, a few of them but every season every championship is different. This feels special.

“It's a shame for Le Mans, I have to admit it. Finishing P2 second year in a row and in 2021 losing the win on the last lap.

"But anyway this world championship brings back some smile. I think for sure we couldn't end up in a better way.”