Red Bull Racing: A sea of triumph at Milton Keynes


Red Bull Racing closed out 2023 on Wednesday with a jubilant crowd of the team's employees erupting in thunderous applause as they came together to celebrate reigning World Champion Max Verstappen, teammate Sergio Perez, team principal Christian Horner and the team's already iconic RB19 car.

The momentous gathering took place at the team’s state-of-the-art campus in Milton Keynes, and it was a fitting backdrop for the outfit’s unprecedented success in the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Red Bull asserted its dominance throughout the 22-race grueling campaign, amassing a staggering 442 points, a record-breaking haul for an F1 team.

The collective spirit of the Red Bull Racing squad, characterized by its unwavering determination, technical innovation, and enduring support, was evident in this celebratory gathering.

The sight of over a thousand passionate individuals united in their admiration for the team's achievements serves as a testament to Red Bull's enduring legacy in Formula 1, as does the team's impressive harvest of gleaming trophies in 2023!