Between the lines at the Italian Grand Prix

The F1’s official FIA Press Conferences are the traditional home of ‘for sure’, ‘the team’s done an amazing job’ and ‘we’re investigating that’, but what lies behind the platitudes? F1i reckons it has the answer…

Thursday 3 September 2015 – Drivers’ Press Conference Italy

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Italian Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Monza, Italy

Nico Rosberg

The Question: Nico maybe we could begin with you, congratulations, I understand you became a father. How will it change you and have you decided on a name yet?

What Nico said:

NR: Yeah, for sure it’s been very exciting, very intense of course. Big respect for all the mothers of this world – unbelievable. No, very emotional and super happy. Very excited.

What he might have meant to say: 

NR: Jesus! Nobody told me it would be like this. I haven’t slept in a week. The last time I ate was in Spa. And then there’s the diapers. Oh dear God, the diapers. It’s like something from a disaster movie. And there’s so much! How can anything so small produce sooooo much?! I’m so tired I’m hallucinating. Why is everyone a tiny dancing pink hippo? I just want to sleep… zzzzzzzzzzz…