The 10 worst engines in Formula 1 history!


#2 Subaru 1235, 12 cylindres à plat 3.5L (0 GP, 0 points, 0 podiums)

In putting its trust in a shady Italian subcontractor, Japan’s Subaru was duped like a common tourist! The archipelago was enjoying an economic upturn in the early 90s, and the Japanese firm entered F1 to promote its well-respected “Boxer” architecture. Subaru asked Carlo Chiti, the father of the Flat-12 Alfa Romeo, to design a flat 12-cylinder through his Motori Moderni outfit. After a brief test in a Minardi, it found its way into the Coloni of Bertrand Gachot for 1990. Down on power and wide as a ping pong table, never did the improbable engine allow the unhappy Frenchman to move on from pre-qualifying. At mid-season it was swapped out for a Cosworth V8.