One last quick primer on F1's new rules for 2019

Tyre treads and colors

Pirelli reduced the tread of its tyres at specific venues last season to help compounds combat blistering, as a thinner tread reduces heat build-up. Faster and aerodynamically higher-loaded cars have compelled F1's tyre supplier to run a thinner tread on all of its 2019 designs and at all tracks.

To help fans get a better grasp on tyre strategy at races, Pirelli has discarded its array of rainbow colors and replaced it with just three colors, from soft to hard: red, yellow and white.

The compounds corresponding to those designations will change depending on the circuit, with Pirelli supplying a selection of five different types of rubber, ranging from C1, the hardest, to C5, the softest.

But regardless of the compound mix chosen for a race weekend, only the three red, yellow and white colors will be seen on the cars.