Between the lines at the Brazilian Grand Prix

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Brazilian Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sebastian Vettel

The Question: Seb, according to Niki Lauda, at this moment Ferrari matches Mercedes in terms of power with this engine but not in terms of chassis and aerodynamics. Do you agree?

What Sebastian said: Well, as a fact we are not yet a match, otherwise this season would have been very different but I’m very happy, as I said, with the season so far, with the progress we’ve made and also with the things that I think we have in the pipeline for the future. Now Niki is usually not the best one to trust, let’s put it this way, he’s changing his opinion very quickly and sometimes what he says makes sense and other times it doesn’t make any sense so yeah, the more he’s talking about us the better it is for us because he can feel that maybe we’re coming, so hopefully that’s good news.

What he might have meant to say: Ha, ha, ha, ha! That Niki Lauda, always with the funny jokes that guy. He is a real King of Comedy, no? Seriously, what drugs is he on and can I please have some, because I too would like to see the little pink elephants, the flying pigs and the magic pixies sprinkling fairy dust over our engine.