Between the lines at the Brazilian Grand Prix

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Brazilian Grand Prix - Preparation Day - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Felipe Massa

The Question: I would like to know from all of you the weak points and the strong points of your team during this year?

What Felipe said: Well, I think for the size of the team I think we’re doing a great job, compared to the big teams. For what we have, I think we’re doing a really really good job. We’re fighting with the big teams and I think we cannot forget that that’s a very difficult achievement and that’s very important for us. We definitely have some points that... we need to be more efficient, perfect with many things which are a little bit easier to fix, like strategies, even pit stops but it’s something that we’re working so hard to improve but I think for our size we’re doing a really, really good job, so we just need a little bit more money to put in the car and I’m sure we’re going to make the lives of these guys even more difficult.

What he might have meant to say: We are doing well, but we definitely have some points that... how shall I say…. No more clown car! No more honk, honk, wheels falling off, people jumping up and down, shouting and throwing buckets of confetti over each other. No more Keystone Cops, with the panicking and the waving arms and rolling eyes. So, yes, in conclusion I would say that we have some work to do to make things more operationally smooth in terms of how we manage pit stops.