Team talk: Day four at the second test

Red Bull

Ricciardo Final Day story pic

Daniel Ricciardo (6th, 1:24.427, 123 laps)
“It’s been pretty good but I’m glad that the next time we’re in the car is race time! I think testing has gone really well. I think on three out of my four days we got over a hundred laps done, so definitely a lot better than the past couple of years. We’ve made some improvements. I think there’s more to come but it’s a positive start to the year. We’ve been very efficient with the time that we’ve had and, for me, I don’t think it took much time to get up to speed. I feel ready to go racing.”

Guillaume Rocquelin, Head of Race Engineering
“I think we can be satisfied with the work we’ve done during these two weeks and happy with where we’re at. These tests have always been about figuring out everything we can about the car in order to put us in a position where we can race it in Melbourne or Bahrain or anywhere else. It hasn’t been about chasing lap time, which in these conditions is pointless. It’s been about building a platform we can build from and this year I think we have done that. We are in a much better position at this point than we have been over the past couple of seasons. The drivers are happy with the balance of the car, we so far have good reliability and we are happy with all the systems and procedures we need to get right. I think overall the team will go to Melbourne in a good frame of mind. As for what the pecking order is, well, we’ll all find out on Saturday in Melbourne.”