Technical analysis – Baku

F1i’s Nicolas Carpentiers provides you with images and explanations of the technical concepts and novelties spotted at the inaugural Baku race last weekend.



One will remember that the Ferrari 059/5 power unit cools down the turbocharged air in two steps. The airflow first goes through a triangular air-to-air radiator located above the gearbox: the device is mounted vertically on the Ferrari and Haas, while it sits horizontally on the Sauber. A large duct then channels the air to a second intercooler, which we had yet to see.

Above are pictures of Sauber’s Ferrari unit, which shows the aforementioned radiator. Also sporting a triangular shape, the component is slightly tilted and attached to the front of the engine. When the power unit is fitted into the chassis, this second intercooler slots into the monocoque itself.

The Mercedes W07’s single intercooler occupies a similar position, though it sits at a lower level. Ferrari’s two-pronged cooling installation led the Maranello engineers to design a slimmer oil tank that has been moved to the right in order to free up the required space for the second intercooler.

Last but not least, one will notice the singular ‘V’ shape of the air filter, as well as how compactly installed the exhaust pipes are.