Team Talk - Tuesday at Silverstone


Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - In-Season Test - Day 1 - Silverstone, England

Sergey Sirotkin - 10th, 1:36.575
“It’s always exciting when you get time in a Formula 1 car! Today was about following procedures and working towards the development of the car. We weren’t looking at pure performance runs, it was more trying to be able to measure and assess the new parts we have for the car. I had some good time in the car both in wet and dry conditions. I went through the range of Pirelli’s tyres, so slicks, intermediates and full wets. Once more it was a great opportunity and experience for me. Unfortunately the weather was out of our control today. I like to drive in the rain, but it’s also nice to drive in the dry sometimes too!”

Nick Chester, technical director
“Today was certainly weather-affected and this meant we weren’t able to run all the back-to-back assessments we wanted. In the afternoon we ran tests using the intermediate tyres. Even though conditions weren’t great we were still able to collect good data. This morning was more productive when the weather was better. Sergey did a great job to give us everything we could get from today given the weather we faced.”