Technical analysis - Singapore



Despite being the smallest outfit on the grid, Manor continues to maintain a steady pace of development, something that we were not used to seeing under its previous guise Marussia.

Led by ex-Ferrari man Nikolas Tombazis since January, the Banbury-based outfit modified the MRT05’s front wing at Singapore, after it had been adapted to the specific demands of Monza a fortnight earlier. The main change applied to the endplate, which seals the edges of the wing and prevent a high-pressure airflow from entering.

At the back of the endplate, the openings have disappeared in favour of a more rounded profile (see white outline) already seen on most other cars. McLaren actually did the same modifications at Montreal earlier this year. At the front, the edge is no longer straight but slightly curved in the middle, where the ‘r’ cascade is attached (see yellow outline). The winglets of said cascade are also more convex (see green arrows), while a pair of vertical fins has been added.