Technical analysis - Interlagos



After making many changes to the under-nose section at the front of the SF16-H chassis in previous races, Ferrari modified the floor vane that sits right ahead of the rear wheels. The element sported a straighter, less curved outline (see yellow arrows). The rear brake ducts (see white arrows), as well as the cooling inlets (see blue arrows) were also tweaked.

The aforementioned floor vane, which both Renault and McLaren had altered ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix, serves to generate a high-energy airflow and direct it towards the inner face of the tyre in order to protect the diffuser from the turbulent air coming off the rotating rear wheels.

To put it in simple terms, one can say the ultimate goal is the same as with the blown diffusers seen in F1 before 2014, i.e. to seal the diffuser’s edges and keep the dirty air away from it, though the end result is not as potent as it used to be.”