Under the skin of the front-running 2015 F1 cars



Symmetry between the left and right sidepod is an essential aspect on any F1 car. Indeed, the slightest difference will result in the car being unbalanced. Radiators do not have to be exactly identical on each side though (remember the Williams). What really matters is making sure internal airflow resistance has been weighted and equalised across the car.

Red Bull has come up with a split-intercooler design, with one element featuring in each sidepod. As shown above, both flanks are symmetrical in an effort to minimise any drag or aerodynamic performance differential on the car.

Finally, the RB11 has an imposing water cooler mounted on top of its transmission (see the dark blue arrow), which is fed by one of the air intake’s three ducts. This aims at shortening the radiators and bringing them forward.